Thandie Newton Nude - Westworld S01E08 (2016)

Thandie Newton is spotted without a top on from a distance, sitting behind a table while a couple of guys stand in front of her. In another scene, Thandie Newton reveals a glimpse of her right nipple while sitting naked on a stool, engrossed in using a tablet computer. As she remains seated, a couple of guys engage in conversation with her, giving us a side view of her naked body while she keeps her hands on her thighs. Later, Thandie Newton is completely nude, lying on her back on a gurney as the guys transport her out of an elevator and into a room with glass walls. From the shoulders up, we see her sitting up and conversing with the guys. On a metal table, Thandie Newton lies motionless, fully nude, displaying her bare breasts while the guys stand nearby talking. Suddenly, she swiftly rises, briefly revealing her pubic hair before swinging a knife at one of the guys. In the final scene, she is seen standing, showcasing full-frontal nudity.

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