Teresa Palmer Nude - Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Teresa Palmer engages in some intimate moments with a guy in various settings. In one scene, they share a passionate kiss in a doorway, where he undresses her, revealing her bra and then her bare breasts. They move to a bed, where he indulges in her breasts before making his way down to her jeans. He removes them, and they proceed to pleasure each other. In another scene, Teresa and the guy are in a running shower, where her right breast is briefly visible. Later, she lies naked on a bed, and the guy uncovers her bare buttocks, caressing them before joining her on the bed. There is also a moment where Teresa is in the shower, being washed by the guy. Her left breast is momentarily exposed. In a different scene, Teresa models pink lingerie for a guy, showcasing her thong and bra. She bends over, dances seductively, and even performs some kicks and punches. However, the guy becomes aggressive and slaps her before leaving. Teresa then puts on a sweatshirt and searches for something on the floor, her pink panties still visible. Lastly, Teresa is on the floor with a guy, who removes her jeans, revealing her right buttock. They proceed to have sex, with the guy on top of her while she remains on the floor.

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