Diane Lane - Unfaithful (2002) - DC

Diane Lane is seen in various intimate scenes throughout the movie. In one scene, she is wearing a black nightie as she sits on a bed with a guy who is holding a video camera. They share a passionate kiss and he gently touches her breast over her nightie. Later, they both lie back on the bed and continue kissing, revealing a glimpse of her left breast as her nightie strap slips off her shoulder. In another scene, Diane is in a bathtub, her breasts exposed as she runs her hands over her body. A guy enters the bathroom, gives her a drink, and joins her in the water for a kiss. Diane then gets out of the tub, briefly showing her butt before wrapping herself in a bathrobe. There is also a scene in a restaurant bathroom where Diane and a guy engage in passionate kissing, with her bare breast being squeezed. They then have intense sex against the wall, revealing the side of her butt. In another scene, Diane is sitting on the edge of a bed when a guy lifts her dress off and unhooks her bra. He cups and squeezes her breasts before laying her back and kissing her. There is a scene where Diane and a guy undress each other in a hurry against a stairway. Diane is left in just a tank top and panties, which the guy slides down before they have sex from behind. He grabs her breast over her shirt as they kiss. Lastly, Diane undresses in a hallway, revealing a see-through black bra and panties. She removes the bra, giving a topless look, and puts on a robe without tying it closed, giving another glimpse when she pulls her panties down.

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