Charisma Carpenter Nude in the Drama Film Bound (2015)

Charisma Carpenter, known for her role as Cordelia Chase on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, is seen lying on her back in bed as a guy finishes having sex with her. He then rolls off to the side, giving us a view of Charisma's breasts from above before she reaches to pull up the sheets. In another scene, she is naked and sitting on the edge of the bed, flashing her breasts again and showing some of her butt as she stands up while holding a blue robe. This opening credits scene continues as we then see her in a blue dress, being picked up by a guy and placed on the edge of a desk. They share a passionate kiss and he sits down in a chair between her legs as she pulls her panties off. The guy then leans over and Charisma lays back on the desk as he gives her oral sex. Afterward, she sits up and the guy gives her a different pair of panties to put on. In another scene, Charisma takes off her bra to go topless, showing both breasts. The guy sits her down on a chair backwards and binds her hands before placing a blindfold over her eyes. They engage in BDSM as he has sex with her from behind. In a different scene, Charisma is sitting naked in a chair, talking to a guy and showing her breasts from the side. She turns slightly to face him before finally pulling on a bra.

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